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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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chris cuomo is off tonight. topping this hour the shut down the show down over it. the president's take on it today and the human cost of it all. new reports on that. the the president gave a press
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briefing and said the 800,000 government employees are okay with that. he threatened to build the wall without congressional approval. and according to to new reporting he told law make rs he doesn't like the word shut down. but prefers strike. let that sink in. let's go to cnn for the latest from capitol hill. what happened today between congressional leader and the president? where are we at. >> nothing prolkt productive. the president said in the meeting when he confirmed later this could go on for potentially years. if this is not resolved to his liking. there's a fight over process and fight over policy. democrats made very clear at the meeting they don't want to negotiate on issues about such as the president's wall and other relate td matters. immigration and the like. until the government is reopened. the president said clearly he wants funding for his wall. before the government is reopened.
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that is not even close to -- we're talking about policy. the two side are opposed on the fundamental issue ocht wall. the president made clear at the onset of the private meeting he wants $5.6 billion for his wall. but democrats are only offering $1.3 billion for border security. they're saying it's not and can't be related to his wall. the two side are completely opposite sides of a key issue and can't agree on the process for negotiating going forward. vice president pence said at that meeting that staff level discussio discussions could take place and there will be talks between white house staff tomorrow morning and could happen through the weekend. mcconnell said perhaps next week. that is expecting a lot of staff to come to an agreement that the principles are not even close to
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reaching. >> what was the reaction on capitol hill? >> growing frustration and impatience. no clear end in sight. particularly among rank and file republicans who want action. want the government to be open while the shut down the wall fight is negotiated. you saw last night some republican up to seven in the house. saw a couple of senate republicans also saying lest open the government and negotiate later. democratic side most are in line with nancy pelosi. at least one freshman house told he she needs to go closer to the decision of the money. the president is proposing for the wall. at least reopen the government. talk about that. but most democrats and private meeting today were in line with the leadership. they have the stronger hand to play. the question is who blinks first. no indication either will. the president warning it could go on a long time. that's one thing both side agree
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on. this could take time to resolve. >> appreciate it. more on the personal and real human toll this is taking. hundreds of tsa officers at four major airports have called in sick this week. as many as 170 a day at new york kennedy airport. up 2 to 300% in dallas. some workers can either in longer tolerate working without pay or don't want to can't affidavit afford to and are working other jobs. whether at work or not. officers are under enormous strain. >> reporter: brian turner may look like he's on a walk with his wife and new baby. but the 28 year-old tsa worker is stressed. thanks to the government shutdown. he has no idea when he's going to get another paycheck. >> i was last paid about a week ago. and until the budget is passed we will not receive a pay again.
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>> reporter: he worked for the tsa for six years and based at philadelphia airport. he's considered an essential employee. so he has to work but is not getting paid. >> i live a half hour from work. it will come to a point do i put gas in the car? or feed my family. >> that's a hard decision. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's come to that. and the couple says they will run out of money by the end of the month unless the government reopens. that means they could lose their house. a huge concern with five month old elliot to care for. >> what do you worry about? >> our child care payment is more than the mortgage. we're stretched thin with that. without the paycheck it's just almost impossible situation. >> we are paycheck to paycheck in the reality of it. so we do depend on the constant income. >> reporter: his bwife works bu the second paycheck is critical.
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>> i need to fill the car with gas today. there's no other option. >> reporter: brian blames both sides for the shut down. and he's frustrated that congress is still getting paid when he's not. as a tsa work e he understands the need for security. >> what's more important. border wall or a paycheck? >> paycheck. absolutely. planes need to go up and come down. we need airport security and customs. and the necessary services to keep the government running. >> you want to get paid for that. >> absolutely. of course. >> reporter: he's tired of watching the washington blame game. >> you feel hopeless and helpless. i'm not in washington. i don't have the influence the people of power have. we rely on them. we elect them to the position to get the job done. it should be done in a way we can still have conversations.
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about border security. and keep the government open. when you don't have paycheck coming in and don't have a guarantee source of income, when you thought you did. it's disheartening. and it kind of makes you feel panic. >> do you have a back up plan? >> i don't have one. my plan is to hope that the two sides can reach across the aisle and come to an agreement. >> randi kaye now. you spent this morning with brian and his family before president trumps remarks. you called him back to get reaction. >> i asked him about what the president said in the rose garden this afternoon. the words he used quote most of the people not getting their money are the biggest fan of what the president is doing. meaning those workers who aren't getting paid are in full support of the president. in response i asked brine about that. he told me i don't know where he's getting this from. as a federal employee who does
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work to protect the homeland ef day i'm not a fan of the approach. he said this directly. don't speak for most of the 800,000 people who aren't getting money. don't say we're okay with it. when we're not. strong word coming from the worker, working and not getting paid. back to what you said at the top of the hour. about the tsa calling out sick. here we looked at the check points and haven't seen long lines. business as usual. it's unclear if it's affecting this airport. brian said it would be a last ditch effort to save his job. he doesn't have any plans to call sick. >> appreciate them talking to you. perspective now from my panel. rick, you have tsa screeners calling out sick. they're not getting paid.
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i'll guess that that doesn't make you feel better about the national security. >> one of the departments is taking the biggest hit of the president's temper tantrum. his his si fit. and stomp episode. is homeland security. tsa and the guys that are helping to prevent terrorists from boarding aircraft are right now not being paid. air traffic controllers are not paid. and it took a sort of bunch of juggling in the executive branch to get the coast guard paid. we're seeing actual impact on the economy and americans sp safety and security. because donald trump is a juvenile who is going to have a fit until he gets his precious wall. and this could easily be resolved. he has to step down off the cliff and stop asking for a fant city wall in order to teal with the reality of the harm he's causing to the economy. >> steve, how do you see this
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how does it get resolved. >> i'm puzzled that rick says there's harm to the economy. we got a jobs report that was gang buster. >> that's from five weeks ago. >> the highest level in 20 years. >> five weeks ago. >> don't pretend you care about working class people. you were on the net work calling us who support the president toothless. spare me the routine that you care about working class americans. >> all the trump tough guy talk. and swagger talk. until somebody punches back. >> and talks down and punches down to working class american and mocks us. >> when the shoe fits i'll shove it on. >> you call us toothless and call us rube. spare me. now i do care about working class people including people who work for the tsa. there are bad stories.
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no doubt about it. it's really unfortunate and i feel for people. like the gentleman you profiled. that's a real reality. i will say this. it's temporary pain. it will be rectified. that temporary pain is to prevent permanent pain that americans have faced because of the open borders or essentially open borders policy. dealing with dangerous illegal aliens and competing in the work force with illegal alien workers who made people lose jobs permanently. not temporarily. >> has the president paint ld himself into a corner. even graham an ally of the president said if he gives in it's probably the end of the presidency. >> in many ways, lindsey graham sort of holding the paint brush for the president. painting the president into a corner. you have had people like limbaugh do the same thing.
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he was ready to compromise on this. and settle without getting any funding for the wall. and there was a lot of counter walling from the conservative. he essentially buckled to that contingent. it's hard to know how ghets out of this at this point. he's come throwing all sorts of situations at the wall here. saying mexico really is going to still pay for it. through u.s. mca which doesn't make sense. and maybe there's a flush fund. he can figure out with the u.s. military and they can pay for it. he is suggesting that the wall is already being built. also not true. of course a repairs going on existing fence. it's really hard to know how he gets out of this without seeming to fold. his supporters are by and large very supportive of him and emotionally attached. so in many ways he probably could sell what in reality would
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be a folding by him. he could sell it to supporters as a win. that is what they want to see. we'll have to see. there's meeting tomorrow there will be more movement on this. more stories from folks like the tsa man. you talk about the idea of temporary pain when you have to pay a mortgage. and fill your tank with gas to get to your job. that doesn't feel temporary. it's immediate. and it could have long term consequences. we'll get more stories like that. it's not just in washington. it's all over the country. >> it's interesting that the president of three weeks ago in front of chuck schumer. and nancy pelosi. said he got riled up and said he would take the mantle of the trump shut down. today that seems like he's done a 180 on that. he was like maybe it's a schumer hit down. the words don't matter.
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>> i think donald trump is demonstrating that a lot of people in the real estate business know. the guy is actually not that good at negotiating. he's not that good of a deal maker. of the image on tv from the apprentice is not the actual donald trump. i knew guys that did a deal with him in florida and pants the guy. they took him to the cleaners. what you're seeing here is a guy that is realizing that most of the polling says the public blames either trump or the republican party or both. for the majority of this. two-thirds blame him. it's not turning out the way he thought. what you'll see is a continued grind on this guy. when they're putting out legislation, when they're putting out proposals and counter proposals to his wall. and saying we can turn the lights on tomorrow. all you have to do is walk away from something that is a fantasy to begin with. always been a rhetorical troep and not a security policy.
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the political pain will continue to build on trump and the republicans. you have seen guys in the senate. beside himself because they're up in 2020. and very worried that this is starting to impact people at the state level. and they're blaming donald trump for it. >> steve, there was a deal with congress had voted on this. they had a plan to continue funding and then the president backed out. how can it be anything but his shut down? >> right. listen, i'm glad the president did. if in fact he was willing to make the deal. we don't know that. it's not on the record. it's good he did. he reminded by people like me. who work for him in 2016 this was the foundational promise of the campaign. he's been a promise keeping president. this is one really, really important promise. that he needs to keep.
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since that time, cnn reporting tells us he offered a compromise. more than i would like. he cut the 5 billion in half. in negotiation. with the hill. and their response is nothing. zero for the wall. that's not a compromise. we get everything we want and you get nothing. and you were elected to do. he wasn't subtle about this. this was the foundation pillar of the candidate. >> mexico would pay for it. a free wall. it wasn't a wall that americans would pay for. it was free. that's a great idea. it's not what he's following through on. >> it's still very much can be. there's a will the of easy ways to do that. to tax remittances. >> he's not talking about that. >> he's pretending mexico is already paying for it. the new trade deal is. >> which hasn't been finalized.
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>> anyway. we have to take a break. we'll continue this discussion. we have to get a break in. we'll talk about something else that reportedly came up in the meeting. at the white house. in a stream of profanity and the robert mueller grand jury gets renewed for another season. what that could mean. with retirement planning and advice for what you need today and tomorrow. because when you're with fidelity, there's nothing to stop you from moving forward.
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because when you're with fidelity, chicken! that's right, chicken?! candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go! try all of my chicken creations! chicken! president trump talking about the shut down today saying he has the support of government workers furloughed or working without pate. landlords won't mind if they don't get rent. and doesn't like calling it a shut down. he said the he prefers calling it a strike. the journal and cnn reporting had e opened that meeting with a 15 minute profanity laced rant. about impeachment. i'm back now with our guests. steve, you said the foundational basis why the wall is important. it was the campaign. but part of that basis was the mexico was going to pay for the
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wall. that's not happening. so that foundation has crumbled, no? >> i wish the president would talk about it more. this are easy ways to recoop the money. the easiest is tax remittances. mexico should pay for the wall. we need it so immediately we can't wait to negotiate with the mexicans. they will not willingingly hand us a check. and put in the memo the wall. over time -- >> numbers are at record lows. so what is the need more immediate now than ever before? >> because of what's going on. it's not mexicans it's central americans. who are continuing to attack the border. we need to look at the caravan. >> they're not attacking the border. and numbers are -- >> when you storm a border and throw rocks at law enforcement. that's an attack. when you're not lawfully allowed to enter and try to break and
10:24 pm
enter and trespass and hurl rocks at law enforcement. who defend themselves with tear gas and have done so responsibly and professionally so far. i call that attack. and by the way who cares what i think about the wall. the border protection people tell us we need the wall. the front line cops guarding america. >> those are union officials. >> the majority are hispanic. >> they polled the members and 89% said they want a wall. this isn't just trump's idea. this not some shiny object he wants to build. on the ground cops there tell us they need it and we should give it to them. >> rick, the idea of the wall according to i can't remember what book it was from. was a way for the candidate trump to remember to talk about immigration. it was an idea brought up if i remember by -- >> he's not a tremendously informed guy.
10:25 pm
and so the wall became an easy short happened. history is examples of walls working out brilliantly. it stopped german from invading france for a half hour. invasions of rome and britain. the great wall of china -- wait they didn't. walls fail. it's not a functional means. the military doesn't build walls. any time you build a wall around yourself you're inviting attack. to go around or under or through. the idea of a physical wall donald trump loves selling this to the base. people who are not sophisticated. not bright. they don't understand the complexity. >> here we go again. with the condescending to us. >> if the shoe fits wear it. >> that's why we want a wall. >> that is donald trumps target
10:26 pm
audience. a con man who works unsophisticated people successfully. he's always been this. >> i wear it as a badge of honor. >> trump works his con on people who are not sophisticated and this is something -- it's a simple thing. >> condescending. >> the president will declare. >> is mexico paying for the wall. is he building the wall? no. is mexico paying for it. no. it's a con. it's a lie. it's a scam. it always has been. >> all right. >> unsophisticated. >> we'll continue on. thanks very much. a lot more to talk about tonight. we'll take a short break and look more at why the government remains shut down a part of the mueller probe avoided being shut down. more on that next.
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the work of robert mueller's grand jury is not over. it was about to be. an extension to keep meeting for six months. otherwise the work would have ended this weekend. paul manafort is one of the dozen witnesses who testified in secret. stone has subpoenaed. he expected to be indicted. the lifeline is adding to talk about possibility of the biggest indictment of the them all. one against president trump. the situation that house speaker
10:31 pm
nancy pelosi calls an open discussion. acting solicitor general in the obama white house joining us along with yale law and political science professor. >> neil, it seems like with this extension of the grand jury, that mueller's investigation it not wrapping up in the near future. >> i agree. i have been saying this. mueller runs a tight ship. nobody knows what he knows. that's by design. it shows his conscientiousness. the standard for an extension of a grand jury is the judge has to say it is in the public interest. the grand juries have been serving for 18 months to add on six months is a big imposition. there must be more stuff to come. >> giuliani is saying it's time to put up or shut up. should there be a time limit?
10:32 pm
>> as long as it takes. to get to the truth. >> and in terms of any possible prosecution, for the president or mueller to find malfeasance. he believes a sitting president can be indicted. is he right? >> so even if he were indicted i always hesitate to disagree with my friend neil. i don't think he a sitting president can be forced to stand trial. against his will. there might be a thing called a tolling. of the statute of limitations. so an indictment is filed. it would typically be a state case. federal cases raise other issues what who fwh the justice department can make that call. suppose an indictment and the president says i have other things to do. so we would suspend the statute of limitations and wait until the president is out of the office. >> did the framers the
10:33 pm
constitution immunize a president from ordinary criminal prosecution? sfwl not absolutely, no. i hesitate to disagree with my good friend and teacher. there's a will the of common ground. that is he's saying you can't proceed against a criminal trial. you could indict the president. that's important because there are statutes of limitations and other things that would otherwise kick in and defend the president and immunize them from criminal liability. the indictment at the least has to happen. then the interesting question is this doesn't occur in a vacuum. scholars who say you can't try a sitting president. and those who say the reverse. here i think the fundamental question is if mueller decides that there is information sufficient to indict the president. can he do so. there are three texts i think will illuminate that question. one is what the career prosecutors have already found.
10:34 pm
they have said donald trump committed directed lt commission of very serious felonies with campai campaign finance violations. 600.7 says that mueller asks the attorney general to indict, that the attorney general has to let that go forward unless it's so clearly violates a established justice department policy, that it's unwarranted. and 600.9 if attorney general says that it triggers a report to congress. those provisions taken together say basically that if mueller asks, i think the attorney general cannot say no to an indictment of the president because there is no established department policy for these kind of campaign finance violations. >> akeel, do you agree? >> neil wrote the regulation. way back when. or helped write them.
10:35 pm
but regulations themselves can be modified. the key thing that everyone need to understand at the end of the day the real constitutional prosecutor of the president the over sight process is really the house of representatives. and recall a prosecution of a president constitutionally. that is impeachment. a certain prosecution of the president. the key there is the decision is made by in effect america's ultimate grand jury. house of representatives reflecting all of america. not one city. a grand jury will be coming from one location. we should be hesitant to let a grand jury in any one location in effect undo a national election. every president whether republican or democrat is going to be up popular in some places you don't want to let people in just that one place basically take over the presidency and
10:36 pm
undo a presidential election. the house of representatives has to do that. they are the ultimate grand jury. they come from all of america. >> fascinating discussion. by the way. it's his father's 90th birthday. wish him happy birthday. the democrats have power back in the house, how far will they go to investigate president trump? we'll look at that and talk to somebody who sits on the over sight committee. next. (woman) candace, two minutes.
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amazon prime video so when you say words like... show me best of prime video into this... you'll see awesome stuff like this. discover prime originals like the emmy-winning the marvelous mrs. maisel... tom clancy's jack ryan... and the man in the high castle. all in the same place as your live tv. its all included with your amazon prime membership. that's how xfinity makes tv... simple. easy. awesome. democrats now in control of the house prepares to serve as check on president trump obviously. one new congresswoman caused a bit of a storm with her profane prediction. >> when your son locks at you and says mom, look you won. bullies don't win. bauds we're going to impeach
10:40 pm
the -- >> how far did democrats plan to go with the new power. i spoke with one on the oversight committee. congressman steven lynch. >> these comments from congresswoman tlaib. are they appropriate and helpful to democrats? >> they are certainly not. we hope to give the impression that we're taking a thoughtful approach to the issues. in the house of representatives. and that type of language unfortunately -- and i'm an iron worker i have heard it all. that is certainly inappropriate. to use with respect to anyone. certainly the president. >> one of the things speaker said is she wouldn't use that language but it's nothing worse than what the president has said. just talking about impeachment
10:41 pm
is that a wise thing for democrats at this stage or focusing on it in sfwl we should be focusing on the process and where ever the facts lead. this is about the rule of law. and if that's at the end of the road we're at the beginning of the process. so for the past two years, during republican control of the house we had no oversight. we really have to begin from the very beginning. to start number one getting the facts and then holding the administration accountable for whatever we can determine they actually did. >> so now that the party controls the over sight committee, you're saying you haven't seen enough that you belief impeachment is appropriate at this stage. i spoke to your colleague. he said the southern district of
10:42 pm
new york is enough to potentially impeach the president sfwl that will be step one. we will certainly i talked to mr. nullings as well. it's important that we speak with michael cohen. that will probably be one of the initial into that whole situation. there's a wider concern about the tampering with the election. we had 14 of our security agencies intelligence agencies confirm with high probabilitity the russians hacked the election. there's been no meaningful investigation by congress. even though we have the information from the intelligence committee. so we think that's a good place to start. certainly the fact that michael cohen pled guilty that that case is now out of the way. he's been sentenced. and we think he should be brought before congress. and allow us publicly to get to
10:43 pm
the bottom of this. and where the next steps might lead. >> the fact that mueller is grand jury has been extended. do you think congress should defer to mullers time line before taking major action itself? >> we have to be careful. obviously we would consult with the mueller investigation to make sure we don't do anything that jeopardizes or compromises that investigation. it would have to give extreme courtesy. but if interviewing mr. cohen don't interfere with that, that's something we're eager to do. >> also in terms of the president close advisers. jared kushner for example. do you want to call him? congressman raised the issue of the security clearance. >> that's another issue. security clearance is in general. has become an issue. he's a likely subject of inquiry
10:44 pm
on the part of the committee. as are the denials of security clearance from some individuals in their capacity. with the administration currently. so we want to look at that as well. >> congressman, i appreciate your time. thank you. >> ahead. draining the swamp or filling it. more like the ladder for president trump. he's given former industry insider cabinet level power. a look at that, next. t's me! yo! i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture... and keep us protected. we've got to have each other's backs... and fronts. cerave. what your skin craves.
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it was a pledge we heard over and over again from president trump. a promise to drain the swamp when he got to washington. he hasn't followed through on that pledge. he is tocking up a cabinet with acting heads once corporate exec tis or industry lobbyist.
10:48 pm
health and human services the former president of the pharmaceutical president. the acting defense secretary shanahan. former boeing executive. secretary of the interior a former lobbyist for oil and natural gas industry. and andrew wheeler a coal industry lobbyist. former obama white house and ethics czar. >> ambassador is this what a drain swamp looks like? >> no, anderson. this is take over of the trump administration by the special interest lobbyist is like the alligators taking over the swamp. this is not what the american people want. they want a government that serves the public interest. not special interest. in this environment where the tump administration watered down the rules and threw out the
10:49 pm
obama era rule that a lobbyist cannot work in an agency that they lobbied. it's led to a crisis of confidence. no wonder you have seen almost 10 million more americans the largest number in history repudiate this and other malfeasance by the trump administration. in the midterm. a referendum on this special interest run away, riding the resolving door. it's the opposite of swamp draining. >> same question. is this draining the swamp? >> look, this administration has appointed very qualified people to the posts. for instance secretary, all the folks go through a process and you know better, norm. than say these folks have conflicts of interest. that maybe causing them to not be able to do their job. they have ethics agreements that
10:50 pm
require recusal. they have to go through a process with oge and with the career folks that review this look at the issues along with the career lawyers and the agencies. and they draft ethics agreements to make sure there are no conflicts of interest going to impact any of the day to day work of the acting secretary. >> you don't think it's problematic there are multiple acting secretaries overseeing industries that they have deep financial ties to? >> here's what happens, anderson, when you have qualified people going into these roles and making decisions on behalf of the american people to the interest of the american people, the special interest on the left begin their attacks. and folks like norm eisen begin their attacks. it's nothing more than that. this is leftist issue.
10:51 pm
this is a leftist attack on very qualified people coming into this administration and serving this country. >> ambassador eisen, i mean there's nothing prohibiting this from happening. there's no law or guideline that says a former lobbyist can't serve as an acting secretary, right? >> well, anderson, i think there is. no wonder jim schultz abandoned the trump administration. he had to get out because of cases like the case of mr. wheeler, the acting epa head. he worked on the kolash rules and he's working on the rules now in the epa and on issue after issue, the same thing. it's the revolving door. mr. bernhardt, who jim mentions as a poster boy of ethics, has to carry a card with him. he has almost two dozen conflicts because of his special interest baggage. anderson, it is the opposite of
10:52 pm
swamp-draining. our government is being held captive by special interests. this is not a left versus right issue. all americans, 80% americans name it as one of the top two issues of both parties, anderson. they don't want a government that works for the special interests. the special interests of the right or the left. they want a government that works for the public interest. this government is not doing it with these former lobbyists running cabinet agency after cabinet agency. >> the american people elected donald trump because the leftist special interests in the obama administration were dominating. you have well-funded, well-organized groups going on the attack against this administration, against very qualified people who know their industries and know them well, and are working on issues on behalf of the american public and doing it very well. you know what that does? it makes the left very, very
10:53 pm
nervous. >> jim, just in terms of the sheer number of acting secretaries, how difficult does it make it for the administration when it comes to any kind of real movement on a specific policy level? >> look, all these folks were deputy secretaries, and they were high-ranking officials in those agencies when they were appointed the acting job. and they're all highly qualified people taking over those acting roles. and it's going to be incumbent upon congress to -- the senate to confirm the nominees once nominated, especially in the instance of the department of the interior. so i don't think they'll skip a beat as it relates to the policy issues that are being put forward by this administration, especially in important agencies like interior. >> all right. jim schultz, ambassador eisen, thank you. >> thanks, anderson. thanks jim. coming up, something to make you smile at the end of a long week. if dancing politicians are wrong, we don't want to be right. the ridiculist is next. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place.
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time now for the ridiculist. tonight we have one of the
10:57 pm
silliest, non-controversy controversies ever to sully the otherwise consistently optimistic and life-affirming space that is that's when an anonymous troll whose account has since been deleted posted a video that i suppose was meant to, as the kids say, own new u.s. representative alexandria ocasio-cortez. here's the video. ♪ >> so, yeah, somebody dug up a video from when ocasio-cortez was a college student doing dance moves from the movie "the breakfast club." speaking as the mayor from "footloose," i for one am aghast. but the stars of "the breakfast club" were impressed. molly ringwald tweeted, that's it, alexandria. you're in the club. then alley sheedy re-tweeted it with the praise hands emoji.
10:58 pm
i think ocasio-cortez should be careful, though, because if i know one thing, there's no crying in baseball. if i know two things, the second thing is there's no dancing in politics, with granted a few exceptions. theresa may danced on camera though that is totally different because there are different rules for british prime ministers than for american members of congress apparently. but wait. there actually have been a few american politicians who have cut a rug or two in their day. take, for example, the current energy secretary, rick perry, former governor, former contestant -- a contestant on "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> yeah, he's no tucker carlson. he was on an earlier season of "dancing with the stars." you may not remember that.
10:59 pm
no matter who you are, we'd all do well to heed the dire warning of one gloria estefan because eventually, the rhythm is going to get you. say it's halloween and "thriller" comes on. what is one supposed to do? ♪ because this is thriller >> that was then, and here's the current president participating in a traditional male-only ceremonial sword dance in saudi arabia. ♪ reluctantly participating. i'm not sure if molly ringwald will have any comment on that one. yeah. seems to be enjoying it. let's say that theoretically you're at the soul train awards and are expected to do the dougie or is it the doogie, as in howser? no. it's dougie. is anybody going to help me out
11:00 pm
on that one. dougie, i'm told. i was right the first time. what are you supposed to do? not do the dougie? what? now they're saying doogie. which is it? don't torment me like this, control room. what is it? anybody? jerks. all right. well, let a take a look at blitzer doing it, whatever it is. ♪ >> see? as i said -- the dougie. i'm going with dougie. as i said, the controversy was a non-controversy, and representative ocasio-cortez responded to it on twitter with this. quote, i hear the gop thinks women dancing are scandalous. wait till they find out congresswomen dance too. have a great weekend, everyone. and she posted this video to go along with it. take a look.